Guaranteed Service and Customer Satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on service and customer satisfaction. We have been servicing electronics for more than 26 years and have a proven track record of success.

Repair Center of Choice.

We are the repair center for most major retailers and some major manufacturers. We have fixed millions of units that's why we have a huge loyal customer base.

Proven Track Record.

We have been in business for over 26 years and have pioneered the best practices of electronic service industry. We set standards with our service process and have developed proprietary inventory, pricing, status, billing and other information.

Lowest Prices, Effective Solutions.

By combining the ability to repair circuit boards the individual component level REVERTECH SOLUTIONS can provide the most cost effective and efficient repairs. All repairs are crafted with surgical precision by highly skilled technicians using the latest technology.

Flat Rate Repairs.

Will any mechanic or service technician give you a flat rate for repairs? Many of our repair programs are flat rate (with few exceptions) there by reducing customer concerns.

Leading Service Coverage.

Over the past years, our service has evolved to include modern Consumer grade computing and entertainment electronics on the market, and we currently offer service and support for units from all of the leading manufacturers, including HP, Dell, IBM, Sony etc.